Classical Latin

Required materials: Wheelock’s Latin, 7th edition
Recommended: Cassell’s Latin Dictionary

This course contains 40 lessons total, taking a student through the entire Wheelock’s Latin textbook. After completing this tutorial, students will be able to begin reading unabridged Latin texts. Students can expect about 5 hours of homework per lesson. This tutorial is perfect for students who are beginning Latin a little later or for adults who have always wanted to learn Latin.

This course does not meet live online. Through the use of the class website, students will have access to online video lectures, downloadable resources for each lesson, and online assessments. Students will submit their homework assignments through the website and be able to view instructor feedback and course grades. Students will also be able to contact the instructor at any time for questions or help on the assignments.

Enrollment Options

Video Lessons + Grading (self-paced)
Cost: $190/6-month access
This is a self-paced option that allows students to work through the materials at any pace. They will receive access to all materials for 6 months.

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